Ita buru Koi no, Yona Mono (2024)

Ita buru Koi no, Yona Mono (2024)

Other name: 痛ぶる恋の、ようなもの Ita buru Koi no, Youna Mono Something Like a Painful Love


Nezu Haru, a third-year student at the University of the Arts, is studying video production. This is his first time making a film as a director, but he is having trouble deciding what the subject should be.

Yoshikawa Kazuya, who works as a photographer at the same time and is concerned about Haru’s situation, receives a “Motus” notification on his smartphone. “Motus” is a smartphone app that posts real photos without filters, and Haru is not interested in it at all, but a post from his junior, Usui Miyako, shows Haru’s girlfriend, Kuga Yuri, having an affair with another man.

(Source: Japanese = Wikipedia)

Adapted from the song by the group This is LAST (ディス・イズ・ラスト).


Status: Ongoing


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