Sayonara Maestro: Chichi to Watashi no Appassionato (2024)

Sayonara Maestro: Chichi to Watashi no Appassionato (2024)

Other name: さよならマエストロ〜父と私のアパッシオナート〜 Sayonara Maesutoro: Chichi to Watashi no Apasshionaato Goodbye Maestro: Father and My Appassionato


Since he was in his 20’s, Natsume Shunpei was a world famous maestro and lived abroad, while working with renown orchestras. He was always passionate about music and his passion inspired other musicians. But, Natsume Shunpei has zero abilities outside of music. He is unable to do simple things like housework. His life has been focused on himself and his music. Something happened that changed Natsume Shunpei’s life. Due to that incident, his family, including his daughter Natsume Hibiki, left him and he left the music field.

5 years later, Natsume Shunpei returns to Japan for the first time in decades to conduct an orchestra in a province. He meets his daughter Hibiki that he hasn’t seen in 5 years and they begin to live together. Unlike her father, Natsume Hibiki hates music and lives her life without it. Her father’s genius ability in music clouds his view outside of music and he is unaware of his daughter’s feelings. Natsume Shunpei faces Hibiki as her father and her life, that stopped 5 years ago, slowly begins to move again.

(Source: AsianWiki)


Status: Ongoing


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