The Money Game (2024)

The Money Game (2024)

Other name: 飛黃騰達 ; Soaring to the Top , Fei Huang Teng Da , Fei Wong Tang Daat , 飞黄腾达 ; 飛黃騰達第一季


An investment competition, jointly organised by an investment platform and investment sage Gordon, offers an attractive cash prize and the chance to work with Gordon. It includes the following participants: Jayden, who sees the investment world as an exciting playground and dreams of being the next generation investment sage; Billy, who is calm, sensible and good at data analysis, but has yet to get a chance to showcase his talent; C Ling, a poor girl who excels in studies, she is also a fast learner and highly adaptable; Au Yeung, a smooth and slick person with a large social network and inside information; Ming, a foolish rich kid with advantages due to his family background. Only the strongest will survive the game. Sometimes participants need to work as a team. Other times they need to fight against one another. While making the best use of their strengths, they also expose their weaknesses. As they get to know one another, the line between friend and foe blurs. Investment is all about rewards and risks, desire and fear. In a game that tests friendship and one’s bottom line, who will be the final winner?


Status: Ongoing


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